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The duo of Riversend is more than just an ebb and flow sound, the two artists bring together a breath-taking movement that stirs memories and evokes gentler shades and tones. Their latest release, “Phantom” skillfully showcases the haunting vocals of singer Olivia Horovitz as she gives voice to the lyrics – the words bend you to familiarity with her. This project also brings in Zack Miranowic (lead guitarist of Disciples of Verity and Sekond Skyn) on guitar. Zach’s guitar and vocals structurally complement the whole mood of the band Riversend. This New Jersey duet brings in a matchless sound not felt or heard in a very long time.

“Phantom” is an elusive art rock track about depression and self-loathing. With emotional vocals, we try to convey the pain caused by the demons in ourselves. Zack delivers expressive and deeply layered music to accompany the melancholic lyrical theme. Olivia’s intimate lyrics were written to represent her own struggles, knowing virtually any listener can empathize. We wanted this beautiful yet haunting track to be relatable, understanding that depression has touched most people’s lives in one way or another.”‘ – RIVERSEND

Based out of South Jersey, Riversend was established by girlfriend-boyfriend duo Olivia Horovitz and Zack Miranowic. The art rock/indie pair made their debut as Riversend in September of 2022 with their first single, “Dreaming”. This set the stage for their dark and melancholy tone in their subsequent releases; “Moonlight”, “Dead & Gone”, and “Phantom”.

The duet has a unique ethereal sound which displays haunting lead female vocals, rich guitar harmonies, and smooth ambient vibes. They aim to bring a moody sound to their listeners ears with ghostly lyrical themes and dramatic melodies. Their muse tends to be spirituality, with a fascination of the cryptic world that exists just beyond the veil. Riversend maintains an active social media presence. You can find them on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and more.

Zack Miranowic is also the lead guitarist for NJ-based hard rock bands Disciples of Verity (ft. Corey Glover of Living Colour) and Sekond Skyn. Olivia Horovitz is a lifelong closet singer

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