ROWSIE “Willingness”
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ROWSIE “Willingness”

In the swirling vortex where sonic innovation meets visual mastery, ROWISIE, the rising quartet known for their rebellious sounds and startling guitars, releases a visually striking video for their hit track “Willingness.” Directed by the dynamic duo of Carré Kwong Calloway (Queen Kwong) and Mimi Supernova, the video is a masterclass in minimalism with a haunting impact.

“Willingness” stands as one of ROWSIE’s most popular songs on streaming services, and the accompanying video elevates the auditory experience to a visceral and cinematic level. Carré Kwong Calloway, renowned for her work with Queen Kwong, brings her signature visual flair to the project. Paired with the creative vision of Mimi Supernova, the collaboration results in a video that transcends the boundaries of conventional music visuals.

The song “Willingness” is a standout track from ROWSIE’s debut album ‘I’, written as a Roman numeral. ROWSIE invites audiences to delve deeper into the sonic and visual realms they’ve crafted. The video’s release marks a new chapter for the band, showcasing their commitment to pushing artistic boundaries and creating a multi-sensory experience for their growing legion of fans.

ROWSIE’s video for “Willingness,” directed by Carré Kwong Calloway and Mimi Supernova, is now available on Youtube. Brace yourselves for a journey into the haunting beauty of sound and vision as ROWSIE continues to redefine the intersection of music and artistry.

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