Russell Louder “Home”

Russell Louder “Home”


Stunningly unconventional trans artist Russell Louder has released their latest electro-pop single, ‘HOME’ (3rd of February). The captivating single is taken from their upcoming album, HUMOR which will be released on the 26th of February via Lisbon Lux Records.The singer was a finalist in CBC Music’s 2019 Searchlight competition, highlighting Canada’s best undiscovered musical talent and appeared at the Liverpool Sound City 2019. Russell Louder has also been featured on CBC Radio 1, 3 and Q, shortlisted for the 2019 CBC Music SEARCHLIGHT competition (which showcases undiscovered Canadian musicians) and has collected over 300k plays across streaming platforms with their single, ‘Light of the Moon’. The multi-talented artist has received strong media support from the LGBTQ community as an iconic representation of a minority group. HUMOR has already been selected as one of Exclaim!’s 29 Most Anticipated Canadian Albums of 2021 and Russell Louder has been interviewed by the tastemaker publication VICE as well as premiered via Consequences of Sound.

Raised on Prince Edward Island (PEI) and currently living part-time between PEI and Montreal, with ancestry tracing back to Scotland, the producer has always been surrounded by a network of artists and musicians that made up their family. Russell Louder spent a few tumultuous months living in Iceland, where they developed a passion for producing as a way to deal with the difficult circumstances.

To create their startling unique sound, Russell Louder calls upon the likes of Laurie Anderson, Danielle Dax, Grace Jones, Jean-Michel Jarre for inspiration with “a pretty heavy italo disco phase at age 19”. Comparisons for the artist can be found in other musical visionaries such as Annie Lennox, Sophie, London Grammar and ANOHNI.

‘HOME’ is the boldly seductive single to tease fans into excitement for Russell Louder’s upcoming album. Notes of retro stylings meet strong and unmistakable vocals that immediately capture the listener’s imagination as the artist takes us on a quest to find home. Where adventurers are usually pushed into their pilgrimage, here we see a sense of wonder and excitement that surrounds the precariousness of the tale. Fear not, for this astonishing piece of electro-pop is but a small hint of what is to come.

Speaking of the single, Russell Louder shares the concept behind the shimmering work of art:“If HUMOR’ were a movie, then ‘HOME’ would be the opening scene. ‘HOME’ is the introduction. It is the wandering protagonist who sets the tone for the entire album. The idea of finding “home” is now a question, not an answer. Elements of preparation, the romanticization of arrival, deep, deep uncertainty, pain, lack of belonging – yet bursting with hope. The single was written in 2017”

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