Safety “Spanish Moss”

Safety “Spanish Moss”


Safety is most comfortable on the fringes of the mainstream. Through their notoriously energetic live performances and uncompromising releases, the band has been able to maintain and grow an avid fanbase. Armed with the East coast DIY tenets they first picked up in the early 2000’s Florida underground scene, Safety trust themselves with their work. Safety’s primary songwriter is Safety. Their most trusted producer? Safety. Their manager? You guessed it.

Their most recent release, 2015’s Congratulate Me, I’ve Lost My Mind via Community Records, was well-received by fans and critics alike, and proved to be yet another stepping stone for their brand of discordant punk. In one moment the music crescendos with the ethereally blissful harmony, and the next, it is dragged through the mud. That is the intentional dichotomy of a band with two lead singers who know how to occupy their respective milieus.

Greetings From The Sunshine State will be released in March on Chicago label Jetsam-Flotsam. The album was recorded in the band’s final days in NYC, and is perhaps even darker, heavier, and catchier than their past releases.

Andy Diaz, Grayum Vickers, Nick Dolan—the founding members of Safety—make their music for themselves, a mode of necessary expression, but they invite you to join them in the struggle that is existence and understanding through music.

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