Saint Mars “Ocean Blues” (Juche Remix)

Saint Mars “Ocean Blues” (Juche Remix)


Innovative Wave music producer Juche has remixed ‘Ocean Blues’, the latest single from Saint Mars. ‘Ocean Blues’ Juche Remix is out on the 6th of November via Grá Mór Phonic Records and is the second of a trilogy of ‘Ocean Blues’ remixes to be released separately, following the funky synthwave reimagining by Droid Bishop. Juche occupies his own lane in the Wave scene with support from YouTube tastemakers such as FOMH, Trap Nation, the_accidental_poet, and Spotify playlists such as Trap Nation, Car Music – Bass Boosted, and Gaming Music 2020 and has previously collaborated with well-known artist, Skeler. As a result, the producer is currently sitting at over 8 million plays across streaming platforms.

Recently reworked, ‘Ocean Blues’ was the band’s first-ever track, released on their eponymous EP of 2016. It features lead singer and young American prodigy Tryzdin, head honcho Marc Darcange, Angelo Bruschini (Massive Attack guitarist) as well as Britt Warner (October’s Child) who co-wrote the song. Saint Mars’ previous hits, ‘Loveghost’, ‘Help’ and ‘Pacific State’, have been widely acclaimed, earned Tryzdin a SongBro Award for Best Singing and received airplay in more than 20 countries. Thus far, the band has been featured on Medium, CLASH Magazine, Wonderland, Music Week and Beats Per Minute. In total, the outfit has reached over 1.5 million streams across digital streaming platforms.

Taking Saint Mars’ original heartfelt track and expanding upon it with layers of synths, cascading electronic elements and a fast bassline, Juche revolutionises ‘Ocean Blues’, turning it into a dancefloor-ready track that would be welcomed alongside the underground stylings of Øfdream, CHVRN and Skeler. Slightly speeding up the vocals, the enigmatic producer has managed to take Tryzdin’s youthful exuberance and translated that energy into the perfect single to carry you into a night of mindless dancing and freedom. Juche’s signature style of small revolutionary embellishments mark the remix, adding a complex flavour to the sound.

Juche tells us a bit about the creation of the remix, ”I felt the deepness of the vocals and everything became super clear in my mind: I wanted to keep the powerful voice and mix it with thorough pads to give a feeling of lightness. Everything came so well, I enjoyed making it a lot.”

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