Samantha Sage “Shady”
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Samantha Sage “Shady”

Today, Samantha Sage debuted her first ever single, “Shady.” This southern soul-pop track is reminiscent of all-time greats like Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood both sonically and lyrically, but it’s only a preview of her potential. Samantha has been surrounded by music since she was 4 years old in Columbia, SC. Since then, she’s absorbed all things Americana, but has given her music a refreshing modern pop twist that brings new life to the genre.

Samantha prides herself on the truth in her music. She shared that “I wrote this song about a confrontation with someone in my life who wasn’t being authentic, something we unfortunately all have to deal with from time to time.” To some, dealing with untruthful friends and family can be demotivating, but this served as inspiration for Samantha who saw it as an opportunity to spread a message of empowerment. She concluded, “I hope this track empowers you to stand up for yourself and be treated the way you deserve.”

On “Shady,” earworm melodies, Sage’s unapologetic lyrics, and a rock-edged, upbeat vocal performance coalesce into a track that demands to be played on repeat. There’s just a bit of throwback energy to Samantha, who feels inspired by Fleetwood Mac and modern iterations of that ‘70s dreaminess. Her music could accompany a coffeehouse vibe just as easily as it could a long road trip or drive with the windows down.

Samantha is a young, budding singer-songwriter with a knack for blending a global worldview with relatable, everyday stories. In addition to songwriting, Sage also plays piano and guitar, and remembers writing her first song as early as age 12. Her classic Americana style combined with the modern lyricism and vocals of a teenage popstar Samatha Sage is an act you’ll hear a lot more of in the future.

Premiering on YouTube alongside the single’s release, the “Shady” music video watches Samantha and her acoustic guitar giving a live performance of the song in various settings. Anyone from South Carolina will recognize the visual elements of Sam’s video – Charleston’s famous angel oak trees, breweries, and street art all take prominent roles to help tell her story. Samantha vocally poured her passion and emotion into this track, and her visual performance in the video matches the precedent she set in the recording.

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