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Shout London “Admit It”

(Artist Bio) | April 14, 2023
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Following on from the release of the addictive “White Noise”, pop-punk project Shout London has just released the very catchy and energetic “Admit It”! With its gritty vocals, hard-hitting guitar riffs, and infectious energy, the track is a fiery anthem for anyone who’s ever felt misunderstood or out of place in one-sided relationships!

From the opening chords, “Admit It” grabs you by the throat and never lets go. The relentless drums and driving bassline lay a foundation for the searing guitar riffs that carry the melody forward, as the accompanying vocals are raw and emotive, delivering the song’s powerful message with passion and conviction. With its anthemic chorus and infectious energy, “Admit It” is sure to become a favorite among fans of pop-punk and alternative rock, considering the utilized creative approach towards the presentation of a very relatable topic, which many people can easily connect with!

Discussing the influence behind “Admit It”, the creative force behind Shout London – TJ Whiting – shares: “This is a great track to release after “White Noise”, as it continues the new sound of Shout London. Shout London has always been more of a pop-punk style project with the occasional acoustic track. The song is all about calling your partner or ex-partner out for not following through with all the plans you have made for the future, and honestly not being OK about it. I think most of us can relate!”

-Official bio

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