Sole Oceanna “Not Feeling It”
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Sole Oceanna “Not Feeling It”

Sole Oceanna is a lover of music first. At 8 years old she found a presence on stage that has only blossomed into the eccentric and exciting entertainer she is today. She is graceful, but with a rebellious nature that magnetizes an audience. Now, at only 15 years old, Sole has been writing her own songs and musical compositions with some of the biggest pop writers currently in the industry. Writing has always been an outlet for her. “I find peace in it” she says, when she describes what the writing process means to her. As a young lady, she understands emotion, pain and overcoming large obstacles. She has created a relatable point of view, with consciousness, clever songwriting and instrumentation. She hopes that her music will bring similar feelings to her listeners. Her love of performing shines through in everything she does and those around her describe her as fearless and vulnerable. Her upcoming EP showcases the variety of her writing style, voice and who she is right now, and that is nothing else but Sole Oceanna.

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