Teen Creeps “Fallout”

Teen Creeps “Fallout”


Belgian indie rockers TEEN CREEPS have released their second album ‘FOREVER’, the follow-up to the critically acclaimed debut ‘BIRTHMARKS’. The band sounds less angry, more mature and melodic on the new record. But ‘FOREVER’ is just as intense and heavily influenced by nineties indie rock as their previous work.

If you’ve heard anything about TEEN CREEPS, it’s that the Belgian three piece loves the 1990s. Their sound is reminiscent of bands that era, like DINOSAUR JR, SUPERCHUNK or SONIC YOUTH with fuzzy guitars, melancholic vocals and fast-paced drums. That combo hit home on their 2018 debut BIRTHMARKS (PIAS Recordings), that garnered interest from UK press outlets like Upset Magazine, DIY Mag, Clash Music and GoldFlakePaint. Even getting some four star reviews. But on ‘FOREVER’ they do not simply repeat the formula.

The fuzzy guitars and angsty lyrics are still here on ‘FOREVER’. But TEEN CREEPS are okay with slowing down, letting in some more melody and overall maturing their sound. Closing track ‘CRASH/LAND’ is the closest they’ll ever get to a ballad and their longest track yet. ‘DEFENDER’, ‘TOUGHEN UP’ and ‘BROTHERS’ also let in the feels and turn down the pace. “I think we just got a little more mellow as we got older”, says guitarist Joram De Bock.

“I’m just less angry”, says vocalist-bassist Bert Vliegen. “On ‘BIRTHMARKS’ I was fuelled by anger and frustrations, now I’ve learned to let go and accept certain failings I have. Because they will always be there. Yes, forever.”

After recording their debut in London with producer Rory Attwell (Veronica Falls, Yuck, The Vaccines), TEEN CREEPS stayed closer to home this time around. They recorded ‘FOREVER’ in Audioworx, a studio in the Netherlands, with their long-time friend and collaborator Jesse Maes.

Ramses Van den Eede (drums): “Jesse recorded all of our early stuff and mixed the last record, so he’s a natural fit. Plus, it made the recording sessions a lot of fun. That’s something we want to celebrate in the artwork and title of the record. ‘TEEN CREEPS FOREVER’ is like a battle cry, but also a celebration of our friendship. We even put a heart on the cover. We’re not afraid to get corny.”