The Bridges “Daydreamers”
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The Bridges “Daydreamers”

Debut single from the brand new indie act The Bridges. On November 11th they’re releasing the song ‘Daydreamers’ – a song that will undoubtedly delight fans of The War On Drugs and Danish legendary band Superheroes.

Along with the song comes a music video that reveals the band’s tendency not to take themselves too seriously. “We are from the countryside, and we’ve tried to express that in a way that makes people smile”, says bass player Lasse Solevad.

The music was created just outside the small town of Præstø in an oasis where The Bridges is based. In an old barn, they have set up a large studio that will make any musician green with envy, and outside there are fields as far as the eye can see. In other words, there is room for the big dreams that The Bridges is now ready to aim for.

The pride of their rural origins has not always been there for the five musicians, however.

Rediscovered the love of home:
“It just hasn’t felt so cool to be from the countryside, so we’ve always avoided telling people where we’re from when we’ve been out playing with other projects”, says the band.

But in step with the burgeoning festivals and the flourishing of artist collectives on Møn on the other side of the bridge, the band also rediscovered their love for their own scenic area, which has always been the safe focal point in their lives. “Sometimes it takes a stranger’s perspective for you to realize the quality of something you otherwise took for granted”, explains the band’s lead singer Rasmus Møller, whose characteristic bright boyish voice sings the captivating song.

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