The Cope “End of Time”
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The Cope “End of Time”

Dublin/Berlin based electronic duo The Cope (David Anthony Curley & Joe Furlong) release their self-titled EP with latest single “End of Time”. The track is a meditation on the doubt that can form in the most intimate of relationships, and the accompanying music video is the final in a trilogy accompanying the EP, developed in collaboration with acclaimed writer/director Jamie Delaney.

 Regarding the track and the EP The Cope say “End of Time was the first track we wrote from the EP. Initially written as a simple four chord song on the Fender Rhodes, the addition of Roland 808 and 909 drum machines helped to inform the direction of our overall sound. Experimenting further, we built upon the beauty of the Rhodes part by doubling it with deep and rich sounds from a Moog One, and thus a clear sonic direction revealed itself to us. Lyrically, “End of Time” is about the fractures that can appear in a relationship as people grow apart over time. With their paths moving in different directions an interrogation of the energy required to reunite those paths is undertaken. The individuals must then navigate feelings of loss, cope with grief and the resulting impact on their mental health. These themes are mirrored throughout all three songs on the EP.

 The accompanying music video, taken from an eponymous short film developed by the duo in collaboration with acclaimed writer/director Jamie Delaney, represents part 3 of the trilogy of videos in support of the EP tracks. When viewed in sequence, these music videos represent an abridged version of the 18 minute short film. The plot of the short reflects the themes and questions that are explored musically within the EP, it is currently touring a number of Irish film festivals and will be available to watch/stream in full early next year.

 “End of Time” is available to watch/stream on November 30th, rounding off the duo’s self-titled EP. The Cope play their debut headline show at The Button Factory, Dublin on December 9th, support to be announced.

“End of Time” was recorded and produced by the duo at The Clinic Recording Studios, Dublin, mixed by James Eager, and mastered by Stuart Hawkes at Metropolis Studios, London.

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