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The Lucky 13s “Ain’t Got No Money”

(Artist Bio) | January 25, 2022
5 band members standin gnext to each other

Powerful, soulful & uplifting -The Lucky 13s originate from the South East of England. Formed in 2019, they create original music steeped in soul, melding vintage rhythm and blues with modern-day storytelling. The group have been rapidly gaining momentum in the British neo-soul scene and have officially signed to the Hillside Global record label.

The band features frontman Jamie Johnson who brings his effortless yet powerful vocal performances to the ensemble, described by critics as “compelling, gravely, & symphonious”. Jamie’s vocals synergise with the equally powerful force of The Lucky 13s horn section, both sharp and catchy. These brass lines layer over the deep pocket that grounds the band’s groove created by bass guitarist John Bucket and the man behind the beat Adam Hayes.

Award-winning guitarist & composer Dudley Ross provides seamlessly melodic and passionate guitar work that has been recognized by legendary players such as Hamish Stuart, Sir Paul McCartney and Robben Ford, to name a few!

The last section of this wall of sound is laid down by the group’s keyboardist Josh Roots who provides tones synonymous with the golden era of soul that evokes the sounds that came out of legendary studios muscle Shoals and Hitsville USA.The Lucky 13s draw inspiration from the musical origins of decade’s prior while crafting a message relevant for today’s generation to look back on with reverence.

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