Fastracks Ep 36
Fastracks Ep 36
3 band members sitting on a couch

Disorientations “Watching You Go”

Formed in 2018, after years of performing in other bands like Melting Time and Lagüna, Disorientations quickly grew out into a full-fledged and close-knit group. Lifelong friends Lukas Van Camp…
4 band members standing in a hallway

Daytime TV “Side By Side”

DAYTIME TV are a four-piece alternative rock band currently based in Edinburgh + London. Releasing a string of singles in their short time together including ‘Communication, ‘Ugly’ and ‘Zombie’, the…
man and woman sitting next to each other

Blue Violet “Poster Girl”

Blue Violet are husband and wife duo: Sam & Sarah Gotley. Previously performing under the guise Broken Bones Matilda, the pair put-in noteworthy performances at Glastonbury, Belladrum, Pub in the…
5 band members standin gnext to each other

The Lucky 13s “Ain’t Got No Money”

Powerful, soulful & uplifting -The Lucky 13s originate from the South East of England. Formed in 2019, they create original music steeped in soul, melding vintage rhythm and blues with…
man standing outside

Mensa Deathsquad “Chin Up, Eyes Wide Open”

Since the release of his album, Patient Zero (2020), which coincided with a long stint in the hospital and through his last album Cyclist (2021), Phillips has been writing his…

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