The NEW Bardots “Never Too Much Christmas”
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The NEW Bardots “Never Too Much Christmas”

Coming back together from their early roots in the NYC music scene (CBGB’s, Max’s Kansas City, China Club) to write and record together again, Gar Francis, Wayne Olivieri, Dan Skye, new drummer Johnny Rago and keyboard player John Croot are five New Jersey veterans out to save Rock and Roll from extinction!

The NEW Bardōts released their first full length LP “French Kisses”in 2019, then a follow up EP “Already Been Chewed” in early 2020. They released a series of singles from 2020 to 2022 and their new EP “Singles Night” was released November 25th of 2022. The NEW Bardots consider themselves seasoned artists, whether it be in studio or live on stage. 

 “Wayne’s one of the most charismatic singers I’ve seen in a long time. When he’s on stage he doesn’t let you not pay attention.”
Eddie Brigati – THE RASCALS

 “Electrifying! That’s how I would describe my reaction to seeing The New Bardōts’ Live show. The repertoire is filled with energetic, groove filled songs. The musicianship is tight and exciting. And the personalities are explosive and contagious to watch. Complete, electrified enjoyment.”

We believe strongly in creating a video for as many of our songs as we can …in today’s market without a video you are putting yourself at a disadvantage. Because we just finished the audio of the track “Never Too Much Christmas” only hours before our press deadline for the EP, we didn’t have time to plot out a valid video concept. So I decided to just pull clips from a couple of libraries we have access to. 

It was painstaking and took hours to pull over 150 clips. Then my editor, Nick Kuntz Jr, whittled down those clips to sometimes just one second (most are only two seconds long) and he pieced the song together. He got it finished in one day and sent me the draft. I then usually make the changes and suggestions on replacing clips etc. This this time we got it done within 24 hours…just days before deadline for proper distribution.

 As far as their new Christmas song “Never Too Much Christmas” Sticking to their rock and roll routes…The NEW Bardōts – Gar Francis: Guitar, Dan Skye: Bass, John Croot: Keyboards, Johnnie Rago: Drums/Percussion and Wayne Olivieri: Vocals…have produced yet another Rock and Roll roots track with “Never Too Much Christmas”.

“We wanted to put our something a bit more Rock & Roll than usual for Christmas and this one just fell together at rehearsal a few weeks back so we rushed into Sky Lab Studios (our home away from and knocked it out in one 4 hour session.” Wayne O. – Lead Singer, The NEW Bardōts

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