The NEW Bardots “Thrill of the Night”
4 band members on stage playing instruments

The NEW Bardots “Thrill of the Night”

“Thrill Of The Night” is the first single from the upcoming full-length LP by New Jersey Rockers “The NEW Bardot’s.

“This catchy, rhythmic, lyrical smorgasbord is an out-of-the-box look at the world with a rock and roll twist. A bit off the beaten path of a straightforward rock song “Thrill Of The Night” delivers a brain freeze sip of a musical frozen slurpee.”

“The lyrics just kind of fell out of my head in a matter of minutes…the music that the band created just lit some sort of mental fire in my mind that I had to put out on paper”.

-Wayne O (Lead Singer, The NEW Bardots)

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