The Pull of Autumn “Outlaw Empire”
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The Pull of Autumn “Outlaw Empire”

Art rock collective The Pull of Autumn presents their new single ‘Outlaw Empire’ featuring Mark Stewart, founding member of the legendary UK band The Pop Group, and remixed by the esteemed Adrian Sherwood.

The first taste of the band’s fourth album ‘Beautiful Broken World’, The Pull of Autumn mastermind Daniel Darrow incorporates elements of granular glitch synthesis to the track, the end result being a daring mixture of dub, jazz, spoken word and electronic music. The accompanying video was created by Rick Humphrey from This Twisted Wreckage, who also appears on this album.

Long wishing to collaborate with Mark Stewart, the opportunity finally arose for Darrow thanks to Scott Crow of Emergency Heart Records, through which both Darrow and Stewart have released music. Fortunately Stewart, known for his experimental postpunk-jazz explorations and his production and remixes for such artists as The Fall, The Slits and Nine Inch Nails, thought it was a great idea.

Also featuring bassist Doug Wimbish (Living Colour, Tackhead and sessional musician for The Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Depeche Mode, Sugarhill Gang and James Brown), this track was given the golden remix treatment by the legendary Adrian Sherwood, English record producer and owner of the famed On-U-Sound Records, the first label to experiment with early dub reggae music using echo, reverb and delay techniques. Mixing dub with other forms of electronic music, Sherwood has created remixes for Depeche Mode, Primal Scream, Skinny Puppy and Sinead O’ Connor.

‘Beautiful Broken World’ is an ambitious 15-track undertaking that began in early 2020 and involves a number of iconic artists. They include Philip Parfitt of The Perfect Disaster, Stuart Moxham of Rough Trade postpunk band Young Marble Giants, Luke Skyscraper James of I.R.S. recording artist FASHION and John Neff, who has contributed to multiple David Lynch films and is also a member of David Lynch’s Blubob.

The Pull of Autumn is a ‘super group’ of sorts, with songs orbiting around Rhode Island artist Daniel Darrow from Johanna’s House of Glamour and involving numerous emerging and notable musicians from the local music scene and from far abroad. The band debuted with their eponymous album in 2018, followed by ‘Afterglow’ in 2019 and ‘Small Colors’ in 2020.

‘Outlaw Empire’ is out now, available across online stores and streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify, as well as Bandcamp, where the “Beautiful Broken World’ album (slated for release on December 9) is already available for pre-order.

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