The Yets “Remember”
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The Yets “Remember”

Indie rock duo The Yets have released their self-titled EP, a six-track debut offering indie pop sensation and sonic temptation with a fresh, but seemingly familiar, adult alternative vibe. They also present two audio-visual offerings for ‘Remember’ and ‘Lesser Evil’.

Based in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, their music combines elements of ethereal pop and popular rock classics with a sound embracing Fleetwood Mac and Cocteau Twins in equal measure. Breeding and bearing a distinct Americana lining, this EP is an emotively cast and atmospherically delightful proposition.

The Yets is the creative union of Robin Wilson on vocals and guitarist-producer Craig Anderson Snook, who met when Robin returned to her home state after some years in Georgia. Haunting, dynamic and smooth, they transform the classic to contemporary, counting Roxy Music, David Bowie, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cult, Cocteau Twins, Pink Floyd and even Soundgarden among their musical influences.

“In a very general sense, this album is about life: the passage of time, relationships and the consequences of the choices we make along the way,” says Craig Anderson Snook.

Becoming immersed in the music scene while still in high school, Robin eventually found her way to the University of South Carolina in Columbia, where she fronted the goth-rock band Bachelors of Art (B.O.A.). Upon relocating to Atlanta, Georgia, she fronted the female alt-rock group Skirt, touring the USA extensively and supporting numerous high profile acts.

“My previous musical endeavors were always hard rock-based. I wasn’t involved with the actual songwriting, except for my vocal melodies and lyrics. With The Yets, I’ve broken that mold, helping to compose and produce a whole new sound. I’ve combined my artwork and media arts degree into the whole creative package. We recorded and produced our own CD in our own studio. We created our own videos and designed and built our own website,” says Robin Wilson.

Studying music from the third grade, Craig has performed semi-professionally on and off since he was 13. A veteran of numerous cover bands, his passion for music led him beyond performance into composition, arrangement, audio engineering, production and ultimately to running his own Royal Terns Records label and studio, where he recorded, mixed and produced the new EP.

“I’ve always wanted to bare my musical soul, but never had the right vehicle. That musical soul has always wanted to speak to the world, but never had the right voice. The Yets is that vehicle and Robin is that voice,” says Craig Anderson Snook.

‘The Yets’ EP is out now, streamable via Spotify and available to order, digitally or on CD, directly from the band via Bandcamp.

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