These People “Levels”
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These People “Levels”

These People is the solo project of Long Beach, NY producer and songwriter TJ Penzone. The project began after his former band Men, Women & Children  (Warner Bros / Reprise Records) disbanded. These People has a constant rotation of musicians, with the songs primarily written, recorded, and produced by Penzone, with additional instrumentation, production, and artwork by his brother Rick Penzone (Color Film, Richard Flesh). Soundscapes, and additional guitar by James Usher (Edison Glass, Heavy duty super Ego).

Throughout the newly released EP, In Place of Time, These People’s sound explores common themes of primal rhythms, angular guitars, synthesized overtones, and ethereal vocals.

These People’s 7-inch, digital single, and music video “Levels” is also available everywhere 10/14/22 through Parallel Division / Green Witch Recordings. The song features Walter Schreifels (Quicksand, Gorilla Biscuits) on backing vocals.

TJ says: “I made the structure for ‘Levels’ while I was trying to learn George Harrison’s ‘I’d have you anytime.’ I just kept playing the first two chords over and over, changing rhythms, and adding more chords until it just evolved into its own thing. This one was incredibly fun / tedious to record and mix.”

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