Thomas Nicholas Band “Wrong Side”
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Thomas Nicholas Band “Wrong Side”


Thomas Nicholas Band has released the new single “Wrong Side” featuring The Early November.

Thomas Nicholas Band has been busy working on original songs for their 7th studio album, produced by Taylor Carroll (LIT, Kemikalfire) in collaboration with artists such as, Jaret Reddick (Bowling for Soup), Ace Enders (the Early November), Tom Higgenson (Plain White T’s) Matthew Kennedy (The Dangerous Summer) Adrian Estrella (Zebrahead), Ajay Popoff (LIT), Zac Burnett (American Authors), Ayron Jones Andrew Goldstien and more.


Of the new single, Thomas Nicholas says:

“”Wrong Side” is actually the inspiration for my entire 7th album. Back in late 2021, I had just released my 9th single and Ace Enders reached out to me, saying that he really liked where I was going with my music and wanted to write a song together. I had met Ace in 2015 at a festival in the UK– both our bands were playing at Hit the Deck in Bristol and Nottingham. I’m a fan of his band The Early November and I jumped at the chance to write a song with him.

I got myself to New Jersey and we went to Ace’s new studio in Ocean City. In fact, he had just moved to that spot so I was the very first session he had there. We started with a conversation about what was going on our lives and that evolved into the idea and perspective for this song. Ace played one dissident chord and I proclaimed that’s the start of the song. 5 hours later we had a complete demo.

This was my first time really opening up lyrically in my song writing, which is a big part of this entire album. Ace was the first to push me to be more honest with my words. Taylor Carroll made a few changes to the song but the core of it and the feeling is all still intact. Plus, having Jeff Kummer play drums on the tune and getting it to feature the Early November is more that I could ask for. I’m looking forward to this song being heard.”

Producer: Taylor Carroll
Lyricist: Thomas Ian Nicholas
Lyricist: Ace Enders
Writer: Thomas N Scarnechia
Writer: Ace Enders
Writer: Jeff Kummer
Writer: Taylor Carroll

-Official bio

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