Tom Tikka “Venetian Rubber Boots”
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Tom Tikka “Venetian Rubber Boots”

Hit Singer/Songwriter Joins Forces with Minds Behind the Music to fight climate change. I saw this image of people up to their necks in water, carrying suitcases and children, trying to find their way out of historic Venice and thought that somebody should do something about this, so I wrote “Venetian Rubber Boots”.
– Tom Tikka

He’s lived with Pueblo Indians, spent time in jail in Istanbul, traveled the world and had numerous music hits with Warner and Sony. Now, Tom Tikka has joined forces with Minds Behind the Music. Tikka is a prolific songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with a proven track record of hit songs. One of those songs, “Venetian Rubber Boots”, found its way onto the Born Free Foundation fundraising album (from Minds Behind the Music) alongside music stars Paul Shortino and Brad Walsh.

The song “Venetian Rubber Boots” is available on every music platform worldwide and we are inviting all radio stations around the globe to play it – not just because it’s a great song but also, because it’s fighting for the best of causes: our planet.

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