Short Cuts Podcast Ep 81
Short Cuts Podcast Ep 81
3 men standing in front of a cement block wall

Mag Electric “Thorn In My Side”

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK – MAG ELECTRIC release their new single/video “THORN IN MY SIDE”. Mag Electric plays music that can best be described as hard rock with a healthy dose…
4 men standing in front of a stone wall

Michael Alan “Road To Glory”

Following it’s dark atmospheric and eastern flavoured introduction, Road To Glory, the new single from Leeds (UK) Michael Alan, soon transcends into a euphoric journey of soulful guitar-driven melodic rock. With its…
girl standing out side at sunset holding her head

Kenzie Cait “What I Do Best”

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Kenzie Cait makes the kind of music that prompts the listener to think, “How did she put what I’m feeling into words?” As a guitarist and writer who…
man standing with his eyes closed and half of his face painted white

Tom Tikka “Venetian Rubber Boots”

Hit Singer/Songwriter Joins Forces with Minds Behind the Music to fight climate change. I saw this image of people up to their necks in water, carrying suitcases and children, trying…
man in a recording studio with instruments

Dar.Ra “Cure For Jealousy”

Jealousy is something which can leave you feeling overwhelmed when it comes up, like anxiety, depression and other negative effects that we humans face on a day to day basis.…

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