Vick LeCar’s Gallus Rex “If Heaven Takes You First”
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Vick LeCar’s Gallus Rex “If Heaven Takes You First”

Born in Santiago de Chile, Vick LeCar is a Chilean American hard rock and blues guitarist who, along with his family, had to escape from the dictatorship of the military government in Chile in the early 1980s, arriving in the United States. There he has spent most of his life and has forged a musical career that has led him to share and create with many artists linked to rock and melodic metal.

One of them, former Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen and Deep Purple singer Joe Lynn Turner. He released an EP with him and collaborated by composing songs for one of his solo albums. His most recent musical project, called Vick Lecar’s Gallus Rex, is an explosion of Blues Rock with a strong influence from Deep Purple and Black Sabbath. LeCar’s guitar and songwriting shine aggressively through the powerful rhythm section, while Rueben Williams’ vocals are reminiscent of ’70s rock and roll singers.

Under the aegis of Righteous Path Records, they’re beginning to release the singles that will be part of his upcoming self-titled debut album. With this material he will also seek to approach his native Latin America.

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