Zen2muZ “Pride”
man holding a guitar over his shoulder

Zen2muZ “Pride”

Hey, I’m Zen2muZ, a Singer-songwriter from a small town in Midwestern America. With Strong rhythmic roots in folk style music because of my father, I structure basic chords progressions in order to build highly listenable melodic phrases. I’ve grown up listening to 90s and 2000s Rock Alternative, like Shinedown and Crossfade.

I’ve always considered myself an extroverted writer, meaning I’ve taken inspiration from my friends and family for songwriting ideas. I’ve spanned a lot of different topics with my songs, everything from cheating partners all the way to being stood up in the bar.

As a family man with a full time job and 3 beautiful daughters, I mainly consider myself a hobbyist. Writing and recording my own songs I’ve always been a solo artist with the exception of having friends periodically feature in my tracks, mainly for drums and guitar solos.

I love to play my acoustic guitar, as my primary writing instrument I take random progressions and improv vocals over them mainly for my own entertainment, but often times these jams become the foundations of songs, the rest is finding a topic and Structure.

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