boyhood. “Crash”
profile of a young man

boyhood. “Crash”

boyhood. is a New York based singer, songwriter, and producer originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As a trans man, the name “boyhood.” is an evolving homage to the experience of having had an unconventional one, and an exploration of how a repressed and limited childhood has influenced a full and intentional adulthood. The artist project uses music to synthesize experiences and save little fragments of time.

It’s a space to acknowledge loss, but also explore residual possibilities of what can still be. boyhood. draws upon eclectic inspiration to combine chaotic and energetic rhythms and samples with calm and soothing vocal melodies. Previous releases have been playlisted on the Spotify Horoscope/Chani Nicholas playlists & covered by tastemakers like GLOOM Radio, Indie Happy Hour, Grimy Goods, VoyageLA, Rock the Pigeon, and Dummy Mag.

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