Short Cuts Podcast Ep 138
Short Cuts Podcast Ep 138
girl under a red light

Ryan Wright “Quarter Life Crisis”

“Quarter Life Crisis” is off of her upcoming EP due this summer, where the theme of pessimism rings throughout all of the songs.
band sitting on a table outside a restaurant

Bobby Mahoney “Empty Passenger Seats”

Bobby Mahoney has unveiled the music video for the single "Empty Passenger Seats," from their upcoming debut, 'Another Deadbeat Summer'.
astronaut in space

The Misfires “Poultry in Motion”

The Misfires are a high-energy skate-punk band from Edmonton, Alberta, known for their dynamic stage shows that actively involve the audience.
women kneeling in front of trees

Lauren Ann “Bite”

Belfast based Lauren Ann is an alternative, indie artist whose music is packed full of garage rock exuberance and grunge dynamics.
band standing next to a brick wall

Nova Sons “Take A Chance”

NOVA SONS has released the latest single and music video off of their upcoming, debut EP, "Take a Chance."
band standing iin front of a red wall

Arabella and The Heist “Electric”

Entering the ring are femme-punk outfit Arabella and The Heist, coming out alive, fierce and biting with their new single ‘Electric’.
band playing on stage

Lovelorn Dolls “Diary Of Nothing”

Belgian alt-rock duo Lovelorn Dolls present 'Deadtime Stories' - their fourth album to date - and the video for 'Diary Of Nothing'.
two women playing guitar ans sing outside

The Anti-Queens “Overthinking”

The Anti-Queens, Toronto's premiere punk rock 'n' rollers, have just released their latest LP, "Disenchanted," with a video for the track "Overthinking".
two men in front of a white wall

History of Guns “When You Don’t Matter”

Underground 90s industrial legends History Of Guns presents their new single 'When You Don't Matter'. This is the second taster of their 'Half Light' album.
two mimes outside acting out a scene

Las Nubes “Pesada”

“Las Nubes are far and away the hottest band in Miami, and the most socially relevant." – IGGY POP (LP Cover Quote)

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