Las Nubes “Pesada”
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Las Nubes “Pesada”


“Las Nubes are far and away the hottest band in Miami, and the most socially relevant. Like the children and the young at heart across North and South America, they rock from the soul, covered in tattoos and attitude. They represent an uncompromising lifestyle trend that is the future. They’re fucking loud, too.” – IGGY POP (LP Cover Quote)

‘Tormentas Malsanas’ is the second LP from Las Nubes, a Thurston Moore, Iggy Pop, and Calvin Johnson-endorsed multilingual Garage Pop / Shoegaze / Dream Pop band. Founded by Ale Campos (Iggy Pop guitarist) and Emile Milgrim (sound designer and co-founder of Miami Girls Rock Camp), two queer women based in Miami, where they are also heavily involved in musical education, empowering young girls, and the city’s (in)famous noise/experimental scene.

Their work has been praised by Brooklyn Vegan, NPR (Alt.Latino), Rolling Stone, KEXP, KCRW, BBC 6 Music, Post-Trash, Calvin Johnson (K Records) and Talkhouse. Thurston Moore’s label released the album’s lead single and Iggy Pop penned the album cover’s hype quote. The latest single, “Pesada” was released May 17th.

Artist quote on “Pesada”:

“During the time of George Floyd’s murder, I noticed several people who I followed online were posting non-stop about topics surrounding racial injustice in the U.S.. What I found strange was that they would share infographics written by other people instead of forming their own opinions, while also demonizing those who didn’t post as much as them. Additionally, when I would go to protests, I expected to see them all there but when the time came none of them showed. “Pesada” is about performative activism and the convenience of sitting at home and clicking “add to story” – how the delusion created by attention makes you think you’re absolved from being labeled as a bad character.”

-Official bio

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