Cilvarium “Call Of Heaven”
artist rendering of space and planets

Cilvarium “Call Of Heaven”

Cilvarium is a new and exciting musician/composer in the field of atmospheric music. Blending musical styles like ambient, worldbeat, electronica, pop and experimental, Cilvarium has created a unique and intriguing sound that’s reminiscent of Enigma yet, all her own. Incorporating various instruments from around the world, she brings a global quality to her music which pulls the listener in and transports them to another place and reality. Cilvarium’s music is multi-dimensional and creates a kaleidoscopic dreamscape, full of feeling and emotion. Enter into the world of Cilvarium and be prepared for a journey you won’t soon forget.

Cilvarium is Ryo Utasato-Pike. Ryo is an award winning Japanese composer who has composed music for both TV and films. Born and raised in Japan, Ryo moved to the US in 2015 to be with her American husband. Ryo is well known in the music and entertainment industry in Japan.

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