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On December 16, Danish artist Elias Bendix releases his new single ‘Who’s To Blame?’. His adventurous mix of pop, jazz and funk has brought him attention both at home and abroad, but on ‘Who’s To Blame?’ he moves in a more gloomy and housey direction.

Elias himself mentions sources of inspiration such as Daft Punk and Jungle for his newfound musical direction, which he has created in collaboration with producer Max Winding who’s worked with renowned Danish artists such as Rasmus Walter, The William Blakes, Jærv and Freja Loeb.

Climate on the agenda
In the company of a staccato bass and four on the floor, Elias puts into words the thoughts that many modern people probably have about climate change and one’s own role in the bigger picture:

“The song was actually written in a kind of helplessness in the face of the climate changes we are facing. Who is to blame for the ghastly development we are seeing, and how much of a difference do the individual sacrifices really make”, he asks rhetorically.

“Sometimes you can ask yourself whether it really makes a difference that we as individuals eat more plant-based food, fly less and generally think more about our footprint here on the planet. Sometimes I think we can all be a bit pessimistic, and ‘Who’s To Blame?’ was written at a moment when everything seemed pointless”, says Elias and points out that many probably tend to look for a culprit, or someone to blame instead of looking inward:

“We are constantly torn between the sensible choices and giving in to the desire for life’s temptations, which after all come with a climate-related price. You quickly become a co-catalyst for the world moving in the wrong direction, because you might think that it is too late anyway, but even though it may look bleak, we must not give up.”

‘Who’s To Blame?’ comes out on December 16th.

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