Grace Pelle “Rainbow”
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Grace Pelle “Rainbow”

Indie pop artist Grace Pelle released her first single of 2022, “Rainbow.” The track is a dance-pop anthem for anyone who bears the weight of anxiety and overthinking. The lyrics delve into Grace’s intrinsic fears, and focuses on the times where she had an opportunity to give up, but was encouraged by looking forward to “the rainbow after the rain” to rise up and stay positive.

When sharing her inspiration, Grace said “I often find it hard to post highlights of my life on social media because it is not a true representation of the whole picture. I truly love so many moments, but others do not feel so great.” But for those down moments, she wrote this song to remind herself and others they are not alone.

Grace’s raw, authentic messaging feels timely in an era where so many young people are resonating with music from contemporaries like Olivia Rodrigo. Grace is the nexus of pop, indie, and rock, draped under a sheen of hopeful vibes. Her new exploration into dance-pop gives “Rainbow” the perfect energy for listeners to feel empowered and understood on their journey to wellness.

Growing up, Grace didn’t know that songwriting could be a job. It was just what she did; it was just how her brain has always worked. This initial draw music opened Grace up to production, and, after teaching herself Logic, the young artist began the work of honing a sound of her own. In a male-dominated industry, Grace is the whole package and the star of a one-woman show, writing her own music, using her production skills to tweak a track to her personal stylings, and performing and recording with a voice that recalls the intensity of Adele with the modernity of Billie Eilish.

Premiering on YouTube alongside the single’s release, the “Rainbow” music video spends the day with Grace at Santa Monica Pier. It begins with Grace waking up on a mattress in the surf as the serene setting contrasts the lyrics “What does it feel like to wake up without anxiety.” This theme continues during the video, shooting Grace in picturesque scenes while she sings about everyday struggles, which connects back to Grace’s original intention for the song: online, people may seem like they live the perfect life, but beneath the surface, there is more to everyone’s story.

Grace Pelle is a brand new Nashville-based artist who can song-write, produce, sing and play multiple instruments. She’s what people in the music industry refer to as a “true musician’s musician.” Her diverse skill set has helped her create a few viral TikToks and attract comments from the likes of Finneas, Chelsea Cutler, and Billboard.

To Grace, It’s all about balance in her music: she opens herself up to the creative, ephemeral world of writing before settling into the technical side of producing. She isn’t afraid of touching on heavier, more tender parts of the human experiences, but leverages bright aesthetics to create a captivating beacon for listeners. Ultimately, Grace Pelle is offering a chance for listeners to reconnect with their inner child. With her music, she builds a bridge between a past that may have felt more free, more innocent, and guides the listener to a future that suddenly seems a little less bleak.

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