Lovelorn Dolls “Beautiful Chaos”
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Lovelorn Dolls “Beautiful Chaos”

Female-fronted dark gothic synth-rock duo Lovelorn Dolls presents ‘Beautiful Chaos’, the second tale unleashed from their fourth album ‘Deadtime Stories’, in which the band break free from the dreamy realms of goth pop offered on their latest single** ‘Dream World’.**

An ode to love stories gone wrong, here they inject some beautiful chaos into our lives. With the disclaimer “Any resemblance to real people is purely coincidental”, the accompanying video** **thrusts their tiny girl protagonist into a descent towards a darker world, trapping her in an padded asylum room haunted by beautifully chaotic characters.

Hailing from Brussels, Belgium, Lovelorn Dolls is made up of Kristell Lowagie (lyrics, vocals, arrangements) and Bernard Daubresse (music, programming, guitars, production). Purveyors of synth-laced gothic rock, their sound resembles a mix of Theatre of Tragedy, Lacuna Coil and The Birthday Massacre.

Just as childhood can be drawn into a fantasy world, Lovelorn Dolls leads us into an extraordinary, dark yet romantic universe where Tim Burton’s visuals collide with the glam touch of The Birthday Massacre and freaky extravaganza of Marilyn Manson – a landscape where creepy cute meets gothic rock music.

‘Beautiful Chaos’ reveals a grittier and darker side of the band, featuring intense guitar riffs, twisted synth melodies and haunting female vocals.  This sonic journey is rounded out with five bonus remixes, each delving into diverse sound universes – from minimal EBM to industrial goth and ethereal wave – thanks to contributors The Breath of Life**, Absynthe of FaithAudiopyreRestriction 9 **and Antidote for Annie.

Produced, mixed and mastered by Italian producer Maxx Maryan, known for his work with cult electro-goth metal duo Helalyn Flowers and** **IMJUDAS, the ‘Deadtime Stories’ album will be released in late summer via Alfa Matrix / SPLEEN+, a Belgian label whose catalogue includes such artists as Front 242, Ayria, Recoil, Leather Strip and Alien Vampires.

“Locked in the Room of Despair: Step inside the eerie confines of an asylum, where our characters find themselves trapped in a room of despair. This video explores psychological struggles, haunting visions, and intense emotions that manifest within these walls. As the music unfolds, so too does the unraveling mystery of each character’s story,” frontwoman Kristell Lowagie speaks of the new chaotic tale.

“As the music unfolds, so too does the unraveling mystery of each character’s story. The idea behind this song is to talk about divorce or separation in the broad sense, especially when a relationship is toxic. In general, the problems do not stop there, especially when there are children who become an issue or a means of pressure. Sometimes it gets even more chaotic. As for the title of the song ‘Beautiful Chaos’, it is of course to be taken ironically.”.

‘Beautiful Chaos’ is  out now, available from fine digital platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify** and **Bandcamp, where the band’s full catalogue can also be found.

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