Mari Dangerfield “Love Machine”
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Mari Dangerfield “Love Machine”

Mari Dangerfield is a multi-talented and colourful alternative/electronic pop artist from Ealing, West London. “Love Machine” is from her debut album ‘Love And Other Machines’, and follows on from a string of self-released singles and videos since 2018, which have allowed her to build devoted audiences, both online and for her unique live shows. Already something of a polymath, she records, arranges and produces all her own material as well as designing the visual content for artwork, new media and video. She’s also known for re-popularising the Stylophone, which features in her early singles and her live set.

Broadly a concept album “Love And Other Machines” explores the connections between emotions and technology and is filled with love songs that use objects and gadgets as songwriting metaphors. She made her first appearance on the music scene after winning a Mute Records video competition. With a knack for fragile songs bursting with originality, Mari Dangerfield’s sound is consequently hard to define. Coining her sound ‘Quirkpop of the mind, body and laptop’, her productions are characterized by rich vocal harmonies, catchy hooks and cinematic arrangements.

As she herself confesses…“This album is so much more than just a collection of songs to me – It’s a sort of record of the first few years of my career, and an even longer period of my life. It reveals so much about me, personally and professionally. It feels like my artist’s palette has been formed. If you really listen to these songs, you can get to know me on quite a deep level. There’s a lot of my reality embedded within the concept and the stories. I would have been lost without making music. It saved my mental well-being.”

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