New Indie Music Podcast – “Short Cuts” Ep 133
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New Indie Music Podcast – “Short Cuts” Ep 133


Preview indie music by Fred Abong, The Little Lord Street Band, Aly G, Rebecca Lappa, Sick Love, Annie Dressner, Left Circles, Set Feux, Dolly Dagger and Tom Jenkins. 

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man holding a snow globe
Fred Abong "Heaven"
New Orleans-based alternative folk-rock artist Fred Abong presents 'Heaven', the first taste of his new...
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man and woman sitting on a wood front porch
The Little Lord Street Band "Time and Place"
The Little Lord Street Band are pairing their album title track 'Time And Place' with a stroll down memory...
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woman holding a baseball bat behind her head
Brooklyn electro-rapper Aly G presents the video for her latest single ‘Super Power’, telling personal...
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woman leaning against a fireplace
Rebecca Lappa "Deep Water"
Following the release of last year’s Tales of a Taurus EP, Rebecca Lappa unleashes her first single of...
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band standing in front of a white wall
Sick Love "Don't Wait"
'Don’t Wait is about realising that you’ve finally moved on from that person who broke your heart, and...
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woman standing in front of a light blue wall
Annie Dressner "Should've Seen It Coming"
Singer-songwriter Annie Dressner bears her soul on her upcoming new album I Thought It Would Be Easier,...
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man with his head in his hand
Left Circles "Bleed It Out"
Brooklyn, NY's Left Circles has released the new single "Bleed It Out," which appears on the upcoming...
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white flowers
Set Feux "Young and Lonely"
Set Feux set to release her debut self titled album, ‘Set Feux’, on 19th April 2024. New release is "Young...
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women in front of a grey background
Dolly Dagger "Tower"
Dolly Dagger unsheathes her sword in an unapologetic and explosive alternative/ dark pop single 'Tower'.
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man standing in a field
Tom Jenkins "Blame It"
Welsh Singer-songwriter - TOM JENKINS - is pleased to share the second part of his latest album ‘Meadow...
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