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Odin x Bjørn Berge “Bulletdance”

(Artist Bio) | February 24, 2023
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‘Bullet Dance’ is the latest single out now from upcoming Hoohahs and Cat Calls Feb 24th- a joint record from Odin and Bjørn Berge and is the result of two self taught artists exploring their unique technique in exploring their own musicality and masculinity, focusing on the toxic and most animated parts of it.

For the video for ‘Bullet Dance’, Odin has choreographed a series of dance moves that constitutes both a music video and individual short sequences designed for TikTok.

Inspired by old western cartoons, Bullet dance starts of in the modern wild west, the internet. By using a shooting gesture against someone’s feet, Bullet dance tries to turn a dominating and poisonous image into something positive and make people dance, and be happy. The duality between reaching out to do something good in an environment made to create and make money, by using a problematic image such as a shooting gesture leaves an open space for the viewers own associations and thoughts. This is what’s driving this short video, along with the contagiously choreographed dance in itself. Bullet dance wants you up on your feet and to dance and to think.

The album Hoohahs and cat calls is an animated blues album, a club blues at its core, and goes on exploring all the bumps and thumps it hits on its path. It doodles around themes such as broken love, climate change, sex and solitude. Hoohahs and cat calls is devoid of heroes and a total blues.

Hoohahs and cat calls is totally driven by the love for the pop drive and wants to speak to all the people in the world. It struggles to find worthy words on the themes and feelings it doodles with as the album goes on, and that friction becomes the drive of the album.

Hoohahs and cat calls comes in a style that just happened from the first minute in studio and is driven from share joy and obsessivness around its themes.

‘Bullet Dance’ is the new single out now with album Hoohahs and cat calls released 24th April on TBC Records.

Odin is a Norwegian composer, producer, musician and lyricist, perhaps best known for his participation in Vamp.

He has been nominated for Spellemann (Norwegian Grammy) as popular composer of the year, as well as for this year’s demo album for St mandag with Vamp and the hit with Vamp and Little Fuggel. In 2005 he won spellemann together with Vamp for the year’s music album with the album Siste stikk.

He has worked on varied projects as a theater composer, feature films, TV documentaries, and for other artists both as a musician and producer.

In 2015, he released his first solo record ‘between the houses’. “A very special debut” “really feels as if it was written by hand” “explodes the listener’s horizons and smooth understanding of pop” were some of the feedbacks from the critics then. The follow-up ‘Sillajass’ was released on TBC Records in October 2020 to rave reviews in the media.

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Bjørn Berge is a Norwegian guitarist and vocalist who has established himself as a blues artist.

He received the Spellemannprisen (Norwegian Grammy) 2001 for the album Stringmachine in the category blues which was awarded for the first time, and the Spellemannprisen 2002 in the same category for the album Illustrated Man.

Berge released his first solo album, Bjørn Berge, in 1997. In 1999 he released the album Blues hit me.From 2014 to 2019 he was a member of the band Vamp

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