Odyssey 147 “Bluebird”
band sitting in the grass

Odyssey 147 “Bluebird”

Odyssey 147 (O147) is a Pune-based experimental/alternative rock band named after the small room they practice in, of a certain bungalow no.147. Darryl, Asher, and Nicholas who play the guitar, bass, and drums respectively came together intending to create music that spoke to them. They also involved Neel on guitar and Swarali on vocals to complete their sound. Each member of the band brings unique tastes and flavours which come together harmoniously in a blend of metal, funk, rock and pop to create a sound that is unmistakably them.

In April 2021, the band released their debut single, Chicken Nuggets, which was written from the point of view of a lonely nugget left at the back of the freezer which ultimately finds it’s way out one day.

The band believes they are on an epic journey and love drawing ideas from an eclectic palette of genres in their musical composition & writing.

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