Fastracks Ep 43
Fastracks Ep 43
band sitting in the grass

Odyssey 147 “Bluebird”

Odyssey 147 (O147) is a Pune-based experimental/alternative rock band named after the small room they practice in, of a certain bungalow no.147. Darryl, Asher, and Nicholas who play the guitar,…
man in front of neion lights

The Pyramid “City Lights”

The Pyramid is Jorge Valverde’s electronic music project founded in mid-91 in Valencia. His music is characterized by the use of repetitive melodies and rhythms, played by synthesizers, sequencers, drum…
band on stage

Thirsty Curses “Whistlepig”

Thirsty Curses is a four-piece rock n’ roll band based out of Raleigh, NC. As YES! Weekly wrote, “Thirsty Curses make rock’n’roll, with a boisterous beer-swilling edge to it. Many…
4 band members standing next to each other

Sons “Nothing”

Amps up to 11, phasers set to stun and off they go! SONS are back with a furious and insanely catchy slab of rock & roll. A pulsating staccato guitar…
woman sitting in a chair

Kashmira “Canvas”

My name is Kashmira. I’m 21, from Pune, India. I’ve released 3 songs in the past 10 months. My latest one has released recently, it’s called “Canvas”“Canvas” is about propagating…

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