Snailmate “Trash, Baby”
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Snailmate “Trash, Baby”

New video and single “Trash, Baby” by genre defying explosive duo Snailmate. The track details that all too relatable feeling of “struggling with feelings of validation and inadequacy,” proclaims Bentley of the band. The innovative visuals show a narrator whose head has been impaled on a spike, “warning passers-by of the dangers of trying too hard. As the music video illustrates, it’s very easy to go from enamored with something to hating it. Hopefully we can all overcome the negative thoughts and self-sabotaging to become better artists,” he further confides.

The two are apart of the LGBTQ+ community with drummer/vocalist Bentley being trans and vocalist/synth player Kalen identifying as queer. They have performed over a thousand shows and pride their live shows as safe spaces for all genders and people of all sexualities. Thanks for your consideration,

Snailmate is the Phoenix-based musical duo composed of lyricist, singer and synth-wizard Kalen Lander and drummer and backup vocalist Bentley Monet. Together, the two create music that fuses synthpunk, grindcore pop, and nerd rap for an unpredictable and explosive sound. Formed in 2015, the band is known for their frenetic and impressive live shows. Performing over a thousand shows, Snailmate has cultivated a fervent fan base that aims to be inclusive with the band priding their shows as a safe space for all genders and people of all sexualities.

Snailmate released their debut album Love in the Microwave in 2017 and since then the two have shared a myriad of EPs and singles centered around themes such as dealing with anxiety, loneliness, isolation and living authentically as a queer and trans person in America. The two often use humor and wit to tackle dark topics, confiding, “The message of our music is that you’re not alone. If you’re feeling anxious or sad or just uncertain, we understand. We are feeling it too. Life is short and weird and sometimes crappy, so let’s have some fun.”

Their most recent single “Trash, Baby” is all about their complicated relationship with creating art and overcoming the voice in their heads that tells them their music isn’t good enough. The song explores themes of vulnerability, inner confidence, and accepting art-making as a beautiful yet imperfect process. The duo shares, “Creating art is vulnerable and we all struggle with the urge to just throw it in the trash (,baby).”

With an upcoming album and tour dates to boot, Snailmate is ready for their next chapter. Crafting music that is cathartic and relatable yet truly unique, Snailmate is an exciting genre-defying duo that in the end is unlike anything you have ever heard. Truly authentic, Snailmate inspires their listeners to be unapologetic and unashamed of who they are. The duo express, “Life is too short to be someone you’re not, or pretend to like things just to fit in. It’s not easy, trust us. But once you get outside of your comfort zone you start to meet other real people and you realize you’re not alone.”

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