The Derevolutions “Get High and Listen to Music”
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The Derevolutions “Get High and Listen to Music”

This song celebrates the spiritual and cultural phenomenon surrounding getting high and listening to music. I’m not suggesting anyone do it but only acknowledging how integral it’s been to the creation, consumption and history of music. Even Louis Armstrong, perhaps the greatest musician ever, said he smoked 3 marijuana cigars a day for inspiration.

The Beatles forever changed popular music after being introduced to pot by Bob Dylan and then again after being secretly dosed LSD by their dentist. And I imagine in those timeless moments they listened to music with a changed perspective and the things they heard were so remarkable that life on earth, for most, was never the same since. And this song is a homage to those moments in time that have brought so much joy to the world, high or not. I just wanted to write a song that made people smile.

Written, recorded & produced by The Derevolutions in their home recording studio in Boston USA. Brett and Ana Karina live together with their 4 year old daughter.

After a decade of non-stop hard work, and hundreds of songs, we’ve finally started to see consistent commercial success this year. We’re currently featured in a Johnny Walker tv ad ( as well as being part of GameStop’s beta release of their new NFT Marketplace ( We made over $30,000 (20 ETH) in the first week by selling songs from our 39 song “Ultimate Collection” of greatest hits for $1 per song. More than we’ve ever made from Spotify over the course of our career and over ten million plays!!! Also we’re going to get to be in my favorite video game ever, coming soon, but I can’t say yet!!! I never thought the day would come where being completely independent would pay off but here it is. I wouldn’t trade places with any band ever.

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