Those Men “Send the World to the Cleaners”
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Those Men “Send the World to the Cleaners”

The duo work in the area of concept albums dealing with subjects ranging from the disposability of the modern world (Sobgod 2007) to a day in the life of a municipal car park (Car Park 2003); pollution on the earth in its many facets (Ponky Hates Pollution 2000) to reflections on the overrated concept of movement (Why Move? 2006); a musical interpretation of the pituitary gland (Pituitary 1999) to a four second internal journey of a middle aged man’s thought processes in response to his wife’s question ‘What’s the matter darling you don’t seem yourself?’ (Theman Simpulse 2010).

Using diverse musical forms ranging from pop songs to prog epics, from ballads to comedy moments, from dance to new millennium psychedelia Those Men have addressed these issues in a number of recordings and videos stretching over four decades. Their latest release ‘Fecundness’ (2022), which pays homage to the energy of The River and its associated elements of growth, has been released on the Minds behind The Music label

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