Fastracks Ep 52
Fastracks Ep 52
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Emo/pop punk artist from Galway in Ireland. -Official bio Watch our latest “Fastracks” video podcast to discover more new indie tracks.  SUBMIT A TRACK PODCAST ARCHIVES
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AJ Wander “Blue Lights”

AJ Wander started his journey in the suburbs of south-east London. The son of a pianist, he began honing his unique musical sensibility at an early age. After living in…
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POESY “Multiply”

New video from Canadian goth pop artist POESY. Entitled “Multiply” the haunting and thrilling song is about facing an all encompassing rage in the dead of pain. The track highlights…
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MP Clarke “Mystery Girl”

Singer and a songwriter in the 1980s for indie pop jangle bands Jump on Tufty and The Auctioneers, MP Clarke also sang and wrote for The Trampoline Situation and Elastic…
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Those Men “Send the World to the Cleaners”

The duo work in the area of concept albums dealing with subjects ranging from the disposability of the modern world (Sobgod 2007) to a day in the life of a…

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