Wrené “Hideous”
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Wrené “Hideous”

Toronto-based, avant- garde artist Wrené aims to defy the constraints of conventional music and adopts a dark, ethereal, and surreal aesthetic with the release of her video, “Hideous” from her EP, Dark Matter. ““Hideous” explores a world of contradictions. Wrené’s celestial alt pop vocals meet grinding electronics, while the lyrics marry sexual desire with fear and disgust.

As the track begins with subtle pulsing beats and industrial textures, the lyrics veer into body horror.” (Under the Radar) A follow up to her acclaimed album Live Wire, the EP delves deeper into raising awareness about and de-stigmatizing mental health issues. It offers her own unfiltered perspective and showcases an effortless mix between art-pop and experimental noise.

She explains, “‘Dark Matter’ is a 4 track EP that explores lyrical introspection paired with heavy noise, and a thematic motif of outer space. It is musically consisting of electronic textures, modular synths, distorted guitars, and manipulated strings. All of these elements, surrounding an emotive, and at times operatic vocal performance- contribute to an atmosphere that is eerie and vastly haunting.

Each song is a representation of inner emotional turmoil, and the dialogue within- coming to light as a catharsis in times of social isolation. Dark-Matter is self-written, produced and performed. It features Devlin Flynn on guitar, backing screams/vocals, additional synth, and with mixing by Bernie Cisternas.'”

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