Blake Proehl “Falling Into You”
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Blake Proehl “Falling Into You”

Blake Proehl – who also happens to be a wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings – released his first ever single, “Falling into You.” His musical debut is atypical for an NFL player, premiering with a personal, vulnerable, and vocal-driven ballad about learning how to love. The lyrics, which were co-written by Proehl and a small circle of other rising artists and songwriters including Rachel Grae, hold up a mirror to the universal experience of trying to communicate with a loved one. Anyone who has struggled with vulnerability in interpersonal relationships — romantic or otherwise — will hear a bit of their own story in this track.

Blake had a lot to share about his feelings behind his musical debut: “When I first fell in love with the idea of sharing my voice to the world, I was petrified. I’ve always had this ‘tough guy’ mentality due to football, but now I finally get to share my life off the field.” For Blake, this is the beginning of the rest of his life; a time when fully realizes his strengths, and challenges what it means to be an athlete or ‘tough guy.’ “I wrote this song about how difficult it can be to verbalize my feelings and the mental battle that comes with it,” he concludes, denoting the importance of emotional honesty.

Blake’s musical journey began at a young age, but was thrust into the public eye when a video of him asking to sing for his grandmother for the first time unexpectedly went viral on TikTok. This surprised even Proehl himself, and the 26 million views (and counting!) say it all — people are ready to hear more from Blake. His pop and r&b sound has the natural likability of predecessors like Justin Bieber, and Proehl’s humility and gentle spirit make it hard not to want to root for him.

Blake has attacked being a musician with the same tenacity he brings to the football field. Dead-set on expanding his skill set, he’s taken up lessons on the piano, guitar, and co-writing sessions; Proehl isn’t afraid of entering new territory, in fact, he revels in the challenge. His smooth vocals are just the beginning, and Blake is constantly gaining artistic inspiration from new musical relationships as well as his own journey to physical recovery.

Premiering on YouTube alongside the single’s release, the “Falling into You” music video watches Blake at a piano, musing over his relationship. As he plays, a contemporary dancer encircles him, eventually coercing Blake to join in the dance himself. These clips are spliced in with short scenes of their relationship – sharing dinner, arguing, laughing – giving the video a surreal tone, and causing anyone who watches to think of their special someone.

Blake Proehl is not your typical musician. Born and raised in North Carolina, Blake comes from an NFL family – his father, Ricky Proehl played in the league for over a decade, and his brother, Austin, was drafted in 2018. During 2021 training camp, Blake suffered a season-ending ACL injury that left him couch-ridden for months. Blakes competitive spirit did not waver during this time, but drove him to continue practicing, even in a wheelchair. Still, Blake had more time on his hands than ever, and one evening while spending time with his grandmother he decided to post a TikTok singing to her. When he woke up the next day, the video had gone viral overnight, and instant-fans were imploring Blake where the rest of his music was. This rookie-season injury accidentally vaulted him into the world of music and content creation – a place he always fit in, but never had a door to enter.

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