Fastracks Ep 45
Fastracks Ep 45
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The Dionysus Effect “Darryl”

New York based trio The Dionysus Effect was formed in 2020 in a basement with a passion to write songs that conjure the raw energy and timeless spirit of rock…
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Stefano May “Find My Way”

Stefano is a singer, songwriter and piano virtuoso who fuses soul, pop and classical for an enthralling musical journey. The talented songwriter’s music is marked by hope, love and connection…
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Brake Fail “Fly Away”

Brake Fail was started in 2019 by Jeff Adams, an EMI/Capitol artist from the 80s along with Loren Berry. Jeff is the lead guitarist, Loren is the drummer and there…
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Jake Fine & Holden Miller “Far Side of The World”

Holden Miller released another single, “Far Side of the World,” in conjunction with Jake Fine. The track is a beautifully composed acoustic love song with vocals that are tangibly emotional.…
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Blake Proehl “Falling Into You”

Blake Proehl – who also happens to be a wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings – released his first ever single, “Falling into You.” His musical debut is atypical for…

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