Fastracks Ep 37
Fastracks Ep 37
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The Petal Falls “I Won’t Be There”

The history of The Petal Falls stretches back to the mid/late 90’s in Kent, UK. It was originally formed with the intention of providing a performance platform for singer and…
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Nowhere North “Gods Gonna Cut You Down”

Nowhere North formed in 2019 in Boise, Idaho when frontman Tyler Daniel decided that, after fifteen years of writing music, it was time to step into the spotlight and share…
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Ghosts Of Torrez “The Legend of Billy The Whale”

Ghosts Of Torrez released their first single (The Return) during the second lockdown in 2021 to critical acclaim and the follow up ‘Closer’ following later in that year. In 2022…
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Lyrical Justifer “The Elevator”

Stephen Sebastiao professionally known as Lyrical Justifier was the first in his family born in America. He was born to a Portuguese Father & a Brazilian Mother. He Grew up…
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Future Caveman “Gypsy Curse”

Self produced by Future Cavemen, “Gypsy Curse” was recorded, mixed and mastered by Kristofer Harris (Belle & Sebastian, Indoor Pets) at Squarehead Studios in Kent, alongside a suite of four…

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