Fastracks Ep 49
Fastracks Ep 49
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Hazy Shea “Messed Up”

Hazy is a singer / songwriter hailing from Los Angeles with a distinct and expressive post-punk edge. Hazy’s sound and lyrics summon a starry vehemence and cast a dreamy yet…
forrest trees

Dancæstral “The Distance”

Dancæstral (daːnsɛs.tɹəl): Reckless and impetuous dance, arisen from overwhelming exposure to music. The band combined atmosphere adrenaline, anger and clever inspiration to express this primordial, instinctive and basic human reaction.…
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J.S.P. “One In a Million”

Danish modern rock outfit J.S.P. have released a new single on streaming services and a YouTube video on the 29th of April 2022. The duo met through their involvement with…
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BSÍ “Jelly Belly”

With soft and gauzy atmospherics countered by anxiety-inducing sprawls of melodic mastery, ‘Relax, blabla’ is another paradoxical release that comes in two parts. Arriving just in time for the heady…
man singing

OHP “Enjoy The Silence”

Israel born and LA based heavy rock artist OHP (OREN HALMUT) has released his newest re-interpretation of a pop hit with his vicious metal cover of the 1989 DEPECHE MODE…

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