Fastracks Ep 53
Fastracks Ep 53
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Matt Irie Band “Better Off”

The Matt Irie Band started as a one-man show in North Carolina in 2006 with vocalist Matt Irie rocking with a DJ at local hip hop shows. Multiple lineup changes…
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Rebounder “Boy Friday”

Rebounder is the project of New York City native producer and writer Dylan Chenfeld, with his brother Noah Chenfeld. Joined by Cobey Arner and Zack Kantor. Rebounder has toured with…
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Jenny JAM “My Letter To You”

Jenny JAM is a London born, Los Angeles based soul-pop singer/songwriter whose music aims to encourage others to always believe in yourself even when times get tough. Her thought-provoking and…
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GEARS “Don’t Want to Say Goodbye”

Rock needs reinvention. It only moves forward when a band pushes it to do so. Enter GEARS. Finding a sweet spot between metal, R&B, hip-hop, and alternative, the Miami, FL…
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BEX “Bite My Tongue”

Following the release of her successful 2022 debut single, “Tiptoe,” “Bite My Tongue,” BEX teases whispered vocals, edging riffs, and a stomping chorus – an explosive follow-up to say the…

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