Short Cuts Podcast Ep 86
Short Cuts Podcast Ep 86
4 band members standing in front of a tin wall

Pet Needs feat. Bridget “The Argument”

A fiery and furious back-and-forth that sees PET NEEDS joined by collaborator Bridget, “The Argument” is a highly charged track about a relationship spiralling out of control. Brimming with the…
5 band members looking between two stone columns

Gramercy Arms “F*cked Up and Beautiful”

NYC indie rock outfit Gramercy Arms presents ‘F*cked Up and Beautiful’ (including the clean companion version: ‘Messed Up and Beautiful’), the third single from their acclaimed third album ‘Deleted Scenes’, released by…
two men sitting on boxes

The Noise Who Runs “2poor2die”

UK-France duo **The Noise Who Runs **will soon release their ‘Preteretrospective’ album, a 14-track offering from the mind of **Ian Pickering **(of Sneaker Pimps and Front Line Assembly). Ahead of that, they share the final single ‘2poor2die’,…
man sitting holding a guitar

Evidence of a Struggle “Do’Oa”

Chicago-based collective **Evidence of a Struggle **presents their debut single ‘Do’Oa’, a wonderful fusion of sounds that recall the works of Tortoise and 4AD artist Dif Juz all at once. This spring…
9 people standing in a field of grass

The Flowers of Hell “Atmosphere”

Toronto-London collective **The Flowers Of Hell **announce the first vinyl pressing of their cult classic ‘Odes’ album, to be released on April 22nd for Record Store Day UK. With a deluxe die-cut sleeve,…
man walking down the sidewalk

Johnnie Mikel “Fallen Angel”

Capping a prolific run of more than 10 popular streaming singles since 2017, Johnnie Mikel released his highly anticipated full length debut Purgatory February 3, with his latest track “Fallen Angel,” an infectious,…
4 men in a dark room

It Man “White Heat”

In a moving tribute new band IT MAN made a statement on their social media this week ahead of the release of debut single ‘White Heat’, which reads as follows,…
man standing in an empty white room

Dan Russell “Naive”

The fiery, comet-like passions of early years flash brightly across adolescence, rarely penetrating as brightly into older age. But, persevering even through the longest and strangest trips, the echoes of…
4 men standing outside in a city

Les Lullies “Zero Ambition”

Montpellier, France is the spot, and LES LULLIES – chief local importers / exporters of the crazy rock beat – ready their 2nd LP with a slew of sweaty live…
5 band members standing in the woods

The Paper Kites “Till The Flame Turns Blue”

Australian indie folk-rock outfit – THE PAPER KITES – have unveiled a second offering from their upcoming ‘At The Roadhouse’ project: “Till The Flame Turns Blue”. A prime example of…

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