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band members standing in an abandoned room

Light Grey “Loser”

Light Grey strikes the pop-punk scene yet again with their first single following the 2021 release of their second EP, “Are You Even Real”. The buoyant “Loser”, explains the realization of the songwriting principles of previously released singles, while the band candidly speaks about the evolution of how their new songs

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man looking off into the distance

Lasse Matthiessen “Dreams Don’t Make Noise”

Lasse Matthiessen releases romantic electronic gem ’Dreams Don’t Make Noise’ In Lasse Matthiessen’s “Dreams Don’t Make Noise”, he sings of looking out over to Sicily’s warm, dry sienna-coloured earth. He sings about the grapes that grow from the ground and about the sweet wine he and a mystery lady friend had

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woman sitting on a stool

Sole Oceanna “Not Feeling It”

Sole Oceanna is a lover of music first. At 8 years old she found a presence on stage that has only blossomed into the eccentric and exciting entertainer she is today. She is graceful, but with a rebellious nature that magnetizes an audience. Now, at only 15 years old, Sole has

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2 band members standing in front of a blue wall

Snailmate “Trash, Baby”

New video and single “Trash, Baby” by genre defying explosive duo Snailmate. The track details that all too relatable feeling of “struggling with feelings of validation and inadequacy,” proclaims Bentley of the band. The innovative visuals show a narrator whose head has been impaled on a spike, “warning passers-by of the

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braveweather “missing pieces”

Founded in late 2019, braveweather is an Orlando-based indie rock band whose music explores the concepts of intimacy, infidelity, loss, mental health, struggle and personal purpose. Elements of their unique sound are influenced by late 90’s and early 2000’s indie-rock and modern indie rock and punk. braveweather came together for the

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headshot of scott goldbaum

Scott Goldbaum “Drive Too Fast”

Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist Scott Goldbaum, whose credits include Sting, LAUV, Keith Urban, Skylar Grey, Charlotte Lawrence and Maddie Poppe, is releasing his first solo EP “Protector” this fall. Prior to his five year hiatus from releasing music, Scott Goldbaum’s specialty was in providing “transient and breathtaking guitar work” (The Deli

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b and members standing on stage with balloons

False Heads “Cottonmouth”

Leading the charge of the new Frank Turner-produced LP, “Cottonmouth” is as catchy as it is caustic: blending barbed punk energy with infectious melodies and energetic earworm choruses. Barrelling towards an explosive guitar breakdown, the track blends fuzzy riffs with muffled, metallic drum beats and pop-punk-esque vocals to create a virulent

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band members standing in front of a blank grey screen

A VOID “Sick As A Dog”

London-via-Paris trio A VOID have unveiled “Sick As A Dog”, the final single to be taken from their awaited new album ‘Dissociation’ (out now). Clangorous and climactic, ‘Dissociation’ highlight “Sick As A Dog” sees A VOID continue to source inspiration from musical greats like Hole, Silverchair and Babes in Toyland, but

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man standing in front of a window

Johnnie Mikel “I Hope It Hurts”

Gearing up to release his debut album, things couldn’t be better for Johnnie Mikel. He’s an accomplished singer, songwriter, musician, and performer with multiple appearances in the Billboard Charts, all while remaining a completely independent artist. After spending his teens learning ProTools, Logic, and all the string instruments he could get

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