Mark Remmington “Boom Knock You Down”
artist renderign of an astronaut floating in space

Mark Remmington “Boom Knock You Down”

Mark Remmington returns with his second solo release “Sofanauts”, an alternative rock/pop sci-fi (loosely) themed musical escapade, leading with the lyric video for the track “Boom, Knock You Down”

The album itself is an eclectic mix of Rock, Alternative, Progressive and Pop driven tracks, but as a piece in its entirety, it kinda works like a proper album, its a journey with lots of fun stops along the way. You like guitars hugged by synths and drums? I got you. Like catchy choruses? I got you. Like Sci fi? I got you. You like guitar solos, I GOT YOU!

His 2021 release “12 Weeks” had a much more “singer-songwriter” AOR vibe to it, but Remmington returns on Sofanauts in full electric mode with an all out virtual band alt-rock-pop offering, and a few friends in tow to help expand the sound.

“I wanted this album to feature more than just me, so I have some collaborations/ musical contributions from friends this time. Musical sections being sent in from long time musician friends in as far out as Norway, France as well as around the UK. There is still 70% that’s all me, but its been amazing to get the different musical takes and perspectives as well as support from some very talented friends. Those friends are my confidants, my comrades, my super league, superstar dream team; the are my SOFANAUTS “.

Sofanauts the album lands 19th August.
and check out the lyric video for “Boom Knock You Down” now on YouTube.

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