Mark Remmington “Radio Esc.”
drawing of several boom boxes stacked on top of each other

Mark Remmington “Radio Esc.”

I’m Mark Remmington, a self producing, self releasing artist from the rural East of England. I write everything and perform all the music on most of my releases including this one. I play a few instruments, but I’d say I’m a guitarist and a songwriter first.

Maybe your audience will appreciate a beat and bass driven alternative track with a bit of two-hand guitar trickery?

The track is actually upbeat and fun in its sound, but the meaning I hope goes a little deeper. It’s about the desire to get a bit of radio play and exposure, to get ahead, to move on to the next phase of your musical life; and to therefore gain some control in the direction of your music career. But it’s also a response to taking part on the social media world as a content provider (thank you for all the support you’ve given my music so far by the way in the regard!)

As an independent artist you kind of sell every aspect of your self in an effort to grab attention, to generate an audience, and the whole thing is a rabbit hole unto itself, that is very, very easy to lose yourself in, when all you really ever wanted to do was, make some cool sounds and share them, to have fun, maybe take a little control over where your life is headed, but at what cost…

This track is my third single from what will be my album entitled “SofaNauts” planned for release in July, featuring guest performances from some very talented musical friends, on songs that are loosely sci-fi themed and a commentary on the state of the world today from how we love, how we consume, and the scary prospect of where we may be headed as a species.

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