Fastracks Ep 48
Fastracks Ep 48
band members in an empty alley

Saturate “Thank You”

Saturate, a hard-working band out of Houston, TX, is made up of musicians who long ago decided to make art their true pursuit in life. The group was formed in…
drawing of several boom boxes stacked on top of each other

Mark Remmington “Radio Esc.”

I’m Mark Remmington, a self producing, self releasing artist from the rural East of England. I write everything and perform all the music on most of my releases including this…
artistic rendition of women's head

Swim the Current (Feat. Jai Diablo) “Fatum Sciam (Knowing Your Destiny)”

Having played in numerous bands throughout the years, Guitarist Greg Antine came to a point in his career where he wanted to branch out and write songs that had more…
band standing on a sidewalk

Rick Monroe & The Hitmen “World’s Gone Crazy”

Nashville, TN- Rick Monroe and the Hitmen have dropped their third single, “World’s Gone Crazy” from their upcoming, untitled album today, April 15th. The band has chosen Malcom Springer (The…
band members next to each other

Jane N’ The Jungle “Ocean Creatures”

What happens when you mix restlessness, angst, distorted guitars, soaring vocals, theatrics, and a penchant for loud rock music with an unquenchable thirst to escape the dry-ass desert? Enter female-fronted…

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